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Artwork Spike

An afternoon of wrestling with Photoshop CC has produced this, for the poet prompt on nekid_spike this month.

to quote The Bard - words, words...Collapse )

Artwork - Back in Black Spike/Dru

Another song prompt.  A messing about one, this.  I've just downloaded PhSh CC and am trying to get used to it.  It's not very easy on the eye with lots of black with grey highlighting - I've managed to change the background from black to light grey - next step can I do the same with the palettes?

black to caddyCollapse )

Artwork - Bad Moon Rising Spike/Dru

This is a prompt from nekid_spike this month - to choose from a list of songs.

This was not only the only one I really knew but it's one of my all-time favourites.  I really, really like the way this came together which probably means it's crap.

There's a bit of refining to do but not just yet.   PhSh is still playing silly buggers and is even reversing modes: to sharpen, use blur tool; to darken, use dodge tool; to lighten use burn tool;  Curves tends to just freeze and do nothing; eraser is 100% hardness at 0% and 100%; keyboard shortcuts don't work etc.  The very best?  .Use the keyboard to cut, paste and it goes into liquefy mode.

I see trouble on the wayCollapse )

Artwork - Drusilla

A picture in emerald and pearls.

standing out from the crowdCollapse )

Artwork request - Willow/Angel

niki1988 asked me for a W/A manip for her birthday - and now that I've worked out that IE will let me upload to my albums, unlike Firefox and Chrome, at the moment, I'm pleased to present it.

However, I've had to change from IE back Firefox to actully add it to this post....
Happy Birthday!Collapse )

Artwork - Spike and Dru

My numbers were for Dru; hurt/comfort; letter.  A rather surreal offering.

Always yoursCollapse )

Artwork - Angelus

Angelus doing the Ressurection Shuffle for Drusilla.

Angel of the resurrectionCollapse )

Artwork - Spike. Penny for the Guy

A sort of portrait from the previous one

Gis a penny for the guy, guv.Collapse )


Artwork - Spike Guy Fawkes

Following a prompt for 5th November on nekid_spike here's Spike in Guy Fawkes garb.

Setting off fireworksCollapse )

Artwork. Spru life-master-class

A life-painting of Dru by Spike.  An old one, again, but one of my favourites.

Spru by MagritteCollapse )


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