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Artwork - Spike and Dru

My numbers were for Dru; hurt/comfort; letter.  A rather surreal offering.

Always yoursCollapse )

Artwork - Angelus

Angelus doing the Ressurection Shuffle for Drusilla.

Angel of the resurrectionCollapse )

Artwork - Spike. Penny for the Guy

A sort of portrait from the previous one

Gis a penny for the guy, guv.Collapse )


Artwork - Spike Guy Fawkes

Following a prompt for 5th November on nekid_spike here's Spike in Guy Fawkes garb.

Setting off fireworksCollapse )

Artwork. Spru life-master-class

A life-painting of Dru by Spike.  An old one, again, but one of my favourites.

Spru by MagritteCollapse )

Artwork - Spike

This was originally entitled 'fly-half blue' but, seeing that our god has finally been knighted I've changed it to scrum-half in his honour.

scrum-half blueCollapse )

Artwork - Spike/Angel

Another old one for the NS Back to School prompt.

One for the little onesCollapse )

Artwork - Spike

Another one for NS Back to School.  And guess who's in charge?

Attention, class.  Open your books here and keep your hands above your desks.  (The head shot is far too low res but the expression is too good not to use.  I'll try to find a better res version or an equally good other.)

Turn to...Collapse )

Artwork - Spike, Giles, Wes

Back to school in these boys' day meant hands on discipline,  after all, it's for his own good and by the look of his grin, it's doing him good already.

This is an old Xander/Xander Spike manip I did years ago (HERE) again the r.h.s. one is better)  - I'm obviously getting worse at PHshopping as in the original, the characters were almost perfectly transferred to cartoon style - see Spike.  But it's worth a giggle.
double deterrantCollapse )
And today's double period is Art.  (If Miss Leonard could see me now!)

If I were to have a hundred pounds for every curse multiplied by every alteration I'd be a millionare right now.

Finally I think it was the addition of Spike's titfer that cured most ills.  It's a different look for him, anyway and he looks so immersed in his arting.

An artist"s dreamCollapse )


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