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Artwork - Angel - icon

I dicovered that I didn't have an Angel icon.  So I thought it would be a good idea to  make one; if anyone likes it you can grab a copy here.  If you use it, please credit.

icon If you'd like to have it personalised I'd be happy to oblige.


Artwork - Angel

This month's guest at nekid_spike is Angel - so, here's Angel:

broody and beddyCollapse )


Artwork - Giles

A rather weird base I downloaded some time ago - seemed to fit Giles, with a bit (a hell of a lot of) fiddling to get his head more-or-less right and the addition of a supervising Ethan.

study GilesCollapse )


A tasteful Christmas card for everyone from a poet and his lady-love wherein 50% of the people concerned were behaving themselves properly.

A bit fiddly, this, Dru was being very annoying and wouldn't be serious.  Still, its the thought that counts.

seasonal felicitationsCollapse )

Artwork - Christmas Dinner

A reworking of an old manip from a few years back.

Having the family for dinnerCollapse )

Artwork - Spike/Giles

Hallowe'en nekid numbers at nekid_spike this year gave me Giles, full moon, bones and spanking.

I confess that I've only now, as I come to post the finished article, noticed the bones requirement and I'm still not sure if it's an either/or with the full moon.   Any road up, there's no bones but I hope a good boner is an acceptable alternative.

Not work safe at all.

under a spanking moonCollapse )

Artwork - Spike and Xander

The first of my offerings for this year's fall_for_sx

sunset spanderCollapse )

Artwork - Dru

This is the wallpaper version of the previous post

dru wallpaperCollapse )

Artwork - Dru

Lots of things seem not to be working this afternoon - probably catching it from me.

I started this yesterday and fiddled a lot with it and made a wallpaper version as well.  I just adore the total unsuitability of her clothes and shoes for this scenario but the wonky stance was just too perfect not to use.

I'm posting both versions for those whose download-speed is less than speedy.

Dru at the seasideCollapse )


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